We get it. It's messy and difficult. But real innovation for a sustainable future is happening.


The world is facing ecological disruption like never seen before. Disruptive technologies, innovations, and business models are changing the landscape of how we use energy, connect, travel, and engage with the world around us. Business is being disrupted, but is also the solution to a sustainable future. It is messy. It is difficult. And it is happening.

Apidae helps companies, governments, international agencies, and the not-for-profit sector connect and communicate their innovations to create value and momentum for a sustainable future. We get to work with amazing organisations doing amazing things, and help them implement and tell that story with the brightness it deserves. We use bright thinking, and implement with safe hands, to create clear communications outcomes.

We understand the challenges in making new innovation work. We know that more value can be created and captured by communicating innovation opportunities. We also know that not everyone is ready, yet, for that disruption. That is why we take on Special Projects to help organsiations take small steps that create big changes, and connect the future:

  • Problem-based innovation strategy consulting
  • Design thinking workshops to test solutions
  • Strategic communications to build internal and external buy-in
  • Keynote presentations on horizon edge of innovation in the clean energy and sustainability ecosystem

We bring value to business in the new sustainable development economy. Its super exciting. Drop us a line if you would like a chat about it.

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